Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Review of Chauncy Felisz's Everdoor: The Paradise-Purgatory


Awesome cover of the first Everdoor novel

It’s been said that everything’s been done before—that there is no new terrain to be explored within the arts; author Chauncy Felisz’s brilliant Everdoor: The Paradise-Purgatory says otherwise.

An inventive adventure of truly epic proportions, the pages of this first entry in the Everdoor canon are rife with unforgettable moments, vividly visual descriptions and depictions of fantastical people and places, and unique characters that drive the action forward with distinctly entertaining personalities. Dual protagonists Etcher Everdoor and Jerro Ahliss serve as perfect foils for one another, embodying traits that are conflicting and complementary in equal measure.

The magical realm of Eclipse feels like a character unto itself—richly crafted with Felisz’s inimitable array of adjectives that truly bring it to life. From the delectable taste and aroma of moon buns to the dazzling display of dancers parading through the lunar-lit streets, Gahza’Dune is one of the many Ecliptian locations we have the pleasure of glimpsing as our beloved heroes work towards unraveling the central mystery of the novel, while also simultaneously generating many more.

Despite its surfeit of foreign names and terminology, Everdoor never confounds the reader with its array of languages. Instead, these serve to create a formidable backbone that further renders the realm as realistic—believable in spite of the many magical miracles that inhabit both Blank-Space and beyond.

Simply put, this is an incredible page turner and a series that I am utterly hooked on. I just put down book one upon reaching its conclusion and cannot wait to continue the adventure in part two of the saga!